Photo Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/ASKeuOZqhYU. Jason Roswell

My experience with Vanessa has been more than a blessing. I was stuck in a rut, making horrible life decisions, and felt like I had no way out and nowhere to go. My life was spiralling out of control and quickly. Before I was able to speak with Vanessa I spent nearly a month in the foetal position, unable to function as I did before. Vanessa helped me get back on track, put life into a perspective that actually made sense to me. That was something I had never had before. She is very calming and nurturing, and made this coaching process as easy as it could be. She helped me manage my stress and anxiety levels and helped me become a better version of myself.
While working with Vanessa I have learned strategies on taking better care of myself, and making good self care decisions. Vanessa’s coaching has helped me more than anyone has before. We have been doing coaching sessions over the phone as I live in Canada, but I would highly recommend her to anyone in need. Vanessa is an amazing person, and I am forever thankful to have had the opportunity to work with her. – Lori. G. Ontario, Canada

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