Let’s Talk… ADHD Awareness

October is ADHD awareness month and I am glad it exists. Why? Because ADHD needs more awareness. It needs more understanding. Most of all it needs more acceptance. Whatever your stance is on ADHD, it exists!! Whether you believe it is caused by environmental factors, genetic factors, environmental factors that express the dormant gene youContinue reading “Let’s Talk… ADHD Awareness”

Let’s Talk…. Predominantly Inattentive

In my last blog post I mentioned that one of the subtypes of ADHD is Predominantly Inattentive, which is regarded as one of the major components of the disorder. Inattention in ADHD needs to be distinguished between, ‘just not paying attention because you might be bored’ compared to ‘not being able to pay attention noContinue reading “Let’s Talk…. Predominantly Inattentive”

Let’s Talk….What is ADHD, Really?

Okay, so what is ADHD, really? For me it is a journey that has many twists and turns and involves a lot testing and re-testing, with quite a few tears and laughs too. In my experience, when I mention that my son has ADHD, most people have heard the name, but generally don’t believe thatContinue reading “Let’s Talk….What is ADHD, Really?”