Let’s Talk…. Home-schooling an ADHD teen in a pandemic.

So let’s talk ‘Home-schooling’ I know, it’s half term and the last thing we want to think about is home-schooling right?  As most parents will say, whether your child is typical or atypical, home-schooling is no picnic. Getting past all the distractions, like mobile phones, tablets and game consoles is a hard task in itself.Continue reading “Let’s Talk…. Home-schooling an ADHD teen in a pandemic.”

Let’s Talk….ADHD: Myth and Reality

It is all too easy to fall prey to the myths surrounding ADHD especially when professionals make public statements or write books perpetuating these myths. Myths, such as ‘ADHD does not exist, it is just down to bad parenting’ can be damaging to the public awareness and acceptance of this disorder. Understanding the neurology andContinue reading “Let’s Talk….ADHD: Myth and Reality”