Let’s Talk… ADHD Awareness

October is ADHD awareness month and I am glad it exists. Why? Because ADHD needs more awareness. It needs more understanding. Most of all it needs more acceptance. Whatever your stance is on ADHD, it exists!! Whether you believe it is caused by environmental factors, genetic factors, environmental factors that express the dormant gene youContinue reading “Let’s Talk… ADHD Awareness”

Let’s Talk…. The Executive Function Model in ADHD.

I thought that after a long silence (huge apologies) this was the perfect time to get fired up and write about The Executive Function Model in ADHD; something that keeps popping up in my work as both a mentor and a coach. For the most part I think I am pretty good at multitasking andContinue reading “Let’s Talk…. The Executive Function Model in ADHD.”

Lets Talk…. How Neuroscience and Coaching are a great match for change.

Guest Blog post Published by Louise Spurgeon on 29th March 2021 For this blog post I have decided to shake things up a bit. I have decided to invite a guest writer to the site. This blog post is by Louise Spurgeon. Louise is a friend and colleague and a great coaching psychologist. She is also one ofContinue reading “Lets Talk…. How Neuroscience and Coaching are a great match for change.”